Variety: 40% Garnacha, 60% Tempranillo. Garnacha is the perfect grape variety for this type of wines. It is a variety very resistant to long periods of drought and illnesses. 28 years old vineyards. Chalk-clay soil. Clima: Atlantic with reflections of the Mediterranean.An average of 650 liters per year. Cold maceration for eight hours to extract all the aroma precursors and to achieve the desired colour. Bleeding of the must and fermentation at low controlled temperature.

Visual phase: Intense raspberry rose colour, with a violet rim. Nose: High aromatic intensity, showing some notes ofpomegranate, watermelon, blueberries and redcurrantsagainst a rose background. Mouth: Fresh and creamy mouth-feel; pleasant acidity leading to along, fruity aftertaste. Temperature: Fresh, between 6°C and 8°C. Pairing: It pairs with appetizers, tapas, rice, pasta, white meat, stewsand fish.

Recently awarded with its second Best of Wine Tourism in Art and Culture, Bodegas Valdelana is located in Elciego, birthplace of Rioja wines. Elciego is a village of about 1,000 inhabitants placed between Logroño and Vitoria in the region known as Rioja Alavesa.Bodegas Valdelana does not only produce olive oil and a great variety of wines, but it also has two Museums located in a 15th century underground cellar.

Our wine is a tribute to those fifteen generations that have preceded us in time, our grandparents who with their good work, have given us what we are today, a family winery settled in those strong drafts that have seen us grow since 1583.

Valdelana family makes wines for people with sensibility, people who can perceive and appreciate the work and passion that is inside a bottle, in each drink we try to seduce in the aftertaste, most important part of memory being this one that embraces the rest of the senses.

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