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Organic vinegar made from our Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximénez wine

TASTING NOTESAroma of raisins, caramel, honey with a touch of ageing in aged American oak.  Long aftertaste, very persistent and attractive. A real delicacy.

GASTRONOMY:Warm seafood salads, game dishes, marinades and wild red berry based desserts.

The Robles family has been dedicated to wine making in Montilla, Southern Spain, since 1927. In the late 1990s, the third generation takes over the winery and understands the need to incorporate organic viticulture and work with indigenous yeasts into the tradition of the winery.  Our approach is quite straightforward: grow the most intense and flavorful organic grapes that you can, guide the natural process and draw all the fruit's richness into the wine.

With the experience acquired over three generations, we have learned an important lesson: the more we care for land, the better our wine. And if awards have something to say something on the matter, it seems that we have achieved the objective: 

Agriculture and Fisheries Awards 2017 Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Award for Commitment to Society and the Environment 2017 III Edition of the Wine Tourism Awards, Wine Routes of Spain, Spanish Association of Wine Cities, Acevin, and Turespana, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain Best Organic Production in Spain in 2014 Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.  Best Organic Company in Spain in 2006,  awarded by the Biodiversity Foundation and the Ministry of the Environment of Spain 

Vineyards  At first glance, the vineyards of Bodegas Robles have the air of a wildly romantic garden, overrun by a layer of lavender, poppies, clover and wildflowers, buzzing with bees and other insects. However, like those meticulously planned gardens, there is nothing accidental about our vineyard. It is the result of years of research and we keep an ongoing dialogue and exchange of knowledge between the winery, the University and several national and international research centers. 

In addition to fostering the natural development of the vineyard with this layer of vegetation, our objective is to make wines that reflect their origins: Our wines are fermented with native, local yeasts that come from the soil in the vineyard. These are the most important elements with regard to the wines expression of its character. In other words: we make wines that represent the land.  

?Winery   In the winery, the elaboration team pay special attention to the use of indigenous yeasts and physical processing of the wine. That is why organic vineyard is so important: the yeasts are responsible for the wine to express what it is, transforming the sugars in the grape must into alcohol. When one speaks about wines which manage to express an identity, the indigenous yeasts are regarded as almost a must do obligation. In other words: making wines which express a purity, the faithful reflection of the soil and varietal character of the grape. Wines belonging to their land. 

Research  Since we commenced on the road to a paradigm shift of the agri.environmental model, we maintain an ongoing relationship with the University and various Spanish and international research groups, with which we have developed different studies geared towards the improvement of environmental policies in the winery and vineyard, studying their effects on the wine. 

It is becoming ever more evident in recent years the effects caused to vine crops and grape harvests due to climate change: increasingly earlier harvests, flowering losses, peaks of high and low temperatures, longer drought periods followed by heavy rainfall; plant temperature stress; ripening acceleration and lags; risks of pests and diseases which so far did not occur.  As a result of our concerns as regards climate change and aware of the importance of the little actions we have been the first Spanish winery to certify our carbon footprint. 

In 2009, FHA Consultores and Det Norske Veritas, DNV, determined the greenhouse gases emissions totals generated in each of our production, processing and marketing stages. Our commitment is to reduce each year the carbon footprint using increasingly more environmentally efficient processes, reason why we work jointly with CO2 Consulting. 

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