May Pineapple

Sparkling drink based on concentrated fruit juice with no added preservatives or sugars.

12 x 75cl.

Alc. 0,0% Vol.

Gluten free


Manuel Busto Amandi, S.A. has had a presence in the market since 1939; at the present it is still  a family owned company that continues its commitment to quality that has distinguished us since our beginning as a natural cider winery, under the M Busto brand. 

Cider and Apple derivatives are controlled since the pressing of the fruit to the fermentation in our cellars and finally using the latest bottling technology.

Sparkling juices are 100% natural from concentrates selected at source with the highest quality.  

We are continually developing new products with the highest quality standards with which we have achieved the certifications that endorse us, maintaining respect for people, the environment and the customer service philosophy; because thanks to them " WE CONTINUE ADVANCING"

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