Grape Varietals: 95% Tempranillo, 5% Merlot.

Vine’s age: 20 years

Sea level: 770 m (2,500 ft)

Lot: Finca la Linde

Soil: Calcareous and lime

Harvest: Hand picked into small crates then table selection.

Vinification: Fermentation at 23 º C. (73.5 ºF)

Oak barrels age: 1- 3 yearsBarrel

Ageing: 3 months in 100% French oak.

Bottle Ageing: 3 months.

Production: 300.000 bottles.

Tasting Notes: Brilliant red cherry colour, with hues ofpurple. A perfect combination of fruit and wood thatintensifies its fleshy aroma of berries (strawberry and wildberries). Lingering full body wine with a complex structure.Lasting finish with subtle hints of toasty oak.

The winery is located in Roa, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero, and the grapes are sourced in the family estate. It is equipped with state of tre art technology, assuring a honed process and a thorough attention to wine making.

This unparalleled site surrounded by vineyards is the location  of our family winery. The layout of the facilities results in a special charming and beautiful setting.

Our philosophy is to create quality wines through the careful selection of our own grapes and with a focus on elegance and balance. Ultimately, wines for your enjoyment.

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