Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot y Syrah

  • Exhibitor: BODEGAS LAUS
  • Brand name: LAUS Barrica
  • Sector: DO Somontano
Red wine with strong cherry red colour tinged with purple and red todenote its youth. Full, intense nose. There are outstanding red fruitaromas and touches of nuts (hazelnuts and toasted almonds), smoke,toffee and spices. The attack is gentle and fruity and in the mouth it isbroad, inviting and toasty, with spices, cloves and sweet, soft tannins,leaving a very pleasant aftertaste.

Bodega LAUS was founded in 2002. The winery is like an “island in Somontano”, surrounded by water, vineyards, flowers, sun, air... and life. LAUS comes from Latin and means “Praise, congratulations, consideration”. It is a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of this Somontano winery. The logo represents the earth in I Ching symbolism and represents our essence, the territory, the soil on which our vineyard stands.


The Laus vineyards are scattered in different areas of Somontano, at an altitude of between 350 and 400 metres above sea level. The different soils give the grapes special qualities to achieve white, rosé and red wines with their own character. Our vines are in the south of the D.O. Somontano, in the landscape known as “Las Almunietas”. It is an area of stony, chalky soils with loamy texture and the occasional presence of gypsum. This kind of soil is characterised by low fertility. The climate of the area is continental Mediterranean, with low annual rainfall (400 mm). Because of this, a small amount of controlled watering ensures grape quality even in the driest summers and reduces variations between vintages. The combination of poor soils and the warm, dry climate of the southern Somontano allows us to ripen the grapes fully, producing limited quantities in an excellent state of health.  


The winery, founded in 2002, is a modern, minimalist building in absolutely natural surroundings with views of the vineyards around it and the Pyrenees rising in the background. It is on the highest part of the plot, on two levels. The grapes are brought in at the top, the wines are made at the bottom and there is access for visitors. It consists of three units, joined by two external courtyards, one for winemaking with 46 double fermentation tanks, one for aging and the bottling unit.  

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