Mistela de uva moscatel, muy madura y soleada. El procedimiento consiste en la adición de alcohol de origen vinico al moosto fresco recien prensado. la fermentación alcoholica es parcial para obtener un vino semidulce.


The wine thief moons, dedicated to St. Joseph, is situated in the heart of the DOP Utiel-Requena, in the town of La Portera, 12 km of Requena. Founded in 1916 it has undergone two upgrades in the years 1949 and 2007, the latter in charge of winemaker Fernando Martinez that turned into a modern winery and latest technology for the making their wines. The building has an area on the ground floor of 261 meters covered with Arabic tiles on a pine rafters rolls on wooden beams that make a lovely frame to winemaking. The winery has two underground corridors leading to concrete tanks where perform malolactic fermentation and natural clarifications with the winter cold typical of the region. In the main hall modern steel tanks are distributed temperature-controlled stainless and traced from the main computer by a modern laboratory which contrasts with a vat of mud that decorates and remember to staff ancient origins of this winery. The winery has all licenses of production, aging and bottling of wine and this host the D.O.P: Utiel-Requena and O.D. Valencia. It has a production capacity registration Hl 2908 being its production program 30 tons / year of ink and white grape and 160 Hl / year of base wine for Cava.

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