Brut nature sparkling Verdejo grape wine, made with the traditional Champenoise method

Grape Variety: Verdejo  

Denomination of origin: D.O. RUEDA  

Vineyard age: 30 - 40 years old  

Bottle ageing: Bottle ageing on its lees in a Moorish underground cellar at constant 12ºC (53ºF) for 36 months “en rima”  

Wine-making: Traditional or “Champanoise method” means a second fermentation of the “base wine” inside the champagne bottle, with a bottle ageing of minimum 48 months. This is a “Brut Nature” without “dosage”, this is no sugar per litre.   Prefermantive Maceration: Cold skin contact maceration for 8 – 12 hours  

Tasting Notes: It has a straw yellow colour. It is bright and clean, with a crown of fine and persistent froth and incessant and ascending groups of very small bubbles. Elegant nose with a delicate combination of fruit aromas (green apple, hay and citrus fruits) and yeast aromas coming from the 3 years of bottle aging (nuts and almonds, toast bread, dry fruits, cookies) in the ancient caves that the YLLERA Family owns in Rueda. Fresh in the mouth with very fine and elegant bubbles. It is complex and well-balanced. Nice body with a long, delicate and harmonious finishing, with nuts, bitter almonds and butter notes coming through.  

Food Pairings: Aperitif, perfect with any kind of fish and seafood, smoked and marinated salmon, smooth white meat (turkey, lamb, chicken, etc…) Perfect to celebrate how good life is!

Bodegas Yllera were founded at the begining of the 70s by the brothers Jesús and Pepe Yllera; the fifth generation of a family dedicated to the wine known as "Los Curros". They started to elaborate wines with Verdejo grapes from Rueda. Nowadays, the sixth Yllera generation with a great team are leading this winery that during the last years has reached an unquestionable position in the national and international market. This is thanks to their continous commitment on innovation and to the personality and great quality of all their wines: from the white wines Yllera Vendimia Nocturna, our sparkling Yllera Brut Privée, the red wines Yllera, the revolutionary frizzantes Yllera 5.5 until the latest wines from Ribera del Duero, Jesús Yllera and Pepe Yllera.

The elaboration process in Bodegas Yllera is always focused on excellence: an exhaustive selection of the grape in the vineyard and in the winery, low yields that are below the accepted by the apellations of origin, the use of natural yeasts, a great French and American oak barrel park, laboratories equiped with the latest technology... All this to get wines of greater quality, elegance and personality every day.

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