GARNATA 2014 red Garnacha and Syrah in oak for 12 months with vines over 40 years old and suitable

  • Brand name: GARNATA 2014
Producer: Bodegas Fontedei S.L. D.O.P. Quality wine from Granada. Zone: High vineyards. Soil: Clay loam and sandy loam according to plots. Viticulture: Traditional with small tractors. Variety: Garnacha: 58%, Syrah 42%. Climate: Continental with summers not very hot 35ºC maximum and at night decreases to 15 ºC in ripening season, with rainfall from 400 to 500 l / m². Altitude: between 1,000 meters and 1,200 meters. Harvest: As they are from old strains, over 40 years old, in September and October. Preparation: Fermentation by plots according to the degree of maturation of each in small stainless steel tanks. Aging: 12 months in 300 liter French oak barrels of 7 different coopers and two roasted. Bottling: Prior clarification and cold stabilization. Production: 7,200 bottles. Tasting: Wild fruit of optimum maturity, enormous spicy and balsamic freshness, waxes, mineral (graphite, peat), powerful in the mouth, excellent texture and plot, good citric acidity with balance and potential. Pairing: Match very well with red meat with sauce, cooked and game; good with fish in sauce, rice and white meat. Awards: CINVE’2013 - City of Valladolid Garnata 2009 Gold WINE Guide 2016 Vitivinicola Week Garnata 2013 93 points GILBERT & GAILLARD 2016 Garnata 2013 90/100 points 2017 GUIA Peñin Awards Garnata 2013 90 points 2017 Repsol Guide Garnata 2012 90 points Wine Guide 2017 Antonio Casado Garnata 2013 93 points

It has 6 hectares in Alhama de Granada at 1,200 meters of altitude with the varieties Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon plus 35 hectares that the owners themselves cultivate with a three-year contract in areas at 1,200 meters, this height is the reason why the ripenings are longer and more complex since during this period the thermal difference of the day at night reaches 20ºC, from 35ºC at day maximum to 15ºC at night, with which the ripening slows down giving grapes with a homogeneous and complex maturity and on the Granada coast from 800 to 1000 meters for the Moscatel de Alejandría variety in slate soils with 60% differences in level   In the cellar there is a cold room for the reception of the grape and its subsequent conservation to make a pre-fermentative cold maceration.   It has two cold equipments, one of them at -5ºC to cold stabilize the wines in two isothermal tanks of 10,000 and 20,000 liters capacity, also has a hot water equipment to favor the malo-lactic fermentation.   The production capacity is currently 300,000 bottles can be expanded according to the needs.   It has the appropriate machinery to make quality wine, destemmer-crusher, pneumatic press, bottling by depression to 1,200 bottles / hour and labeller.   Barrels of the best French cooperages (450 barrels of 225 and 228 liters) with a maximum of 5 years for the aging of the red wines and the fermentation of the white wines and 5 French oak tins of 150 Hl for alcoholic fermentation and bad lactic of the Prado Negro Crianza and Garnata Reserva wines.   The entire production process is carried out within the winery itself, so there is no need to outsource any process.   The winery is in a moment of expansion because the stock of several brands has been broken and more wine is needed to adapt to the needs of the market, both locally and Malaga, Seville, Almeria and exports to Japan, Peru. USA and Germany.   The wines of Bodegas Fontedei are represented in restaurants with Michelin stars and receive in all vintages very good scores and prizes in national and international competitions.   The winery is currently staffed with the winemaker and winemaker who controls the entire process from the vineyard to the marketing and export of wines.   The way of working of the winery and towards premium, superpremium and ultra premium wines to obtain maximum value in their brands, to make unique wines for the terroir where it is and for its way of elaboration giving wines not identifiable with other Denominations of Origin. other wineries in Granada being leaders in our province.   The winery has a wide variety of types of wine, white, fermented in barrel, rosé, red oak, red wine, red reserve and a special TINAJAS made only 270 bottles, it is made with the needs and tastes of the market being the largest production of Zacatín white (20,000 bottles), red Lindaraja oak 70,000 bottles and red Prado Negro aging 70,000 bottles.   All the wines have been tasted by exporters in fairs such as PROWINE, FOOD, GOURMETS, FENAVIN and in national and international magazines and guides with excellent scores.   The brands are easily identifiable in the tasting with which the buyer quickly knows how to distinguish the different types of wines giving a versatility to the purchase of the wines.   In the Denomination of origin Granada there is very little surface of vineyards attached to it, Bodegas Fontedei has contracts with wine growers for years creating a fundamental relationship for the development of a grapes that supervises plot by plot the winemaker taking the control and traceability of each plot and each variety knowing in advance the plot that are intended to develop a type of wine and controlling both during the phenological development of the plant and during maturation by analytical controls with 18 parameters and organoleptic of the grapes to collect them at the time precise for each type of wine. The manual collection in boxes of 20 Kg and its subsequent transport, not spending more than 3 hours from its collection, and taking it later to a cold room that is in the winery itself and subjecting the grapes to a temperature of 5º C make this arrive in unbeatable conditions for the production of quality wines that characterizes the wines of Bodegas Fontedei.   Each wine brings its own uniqueness and the nature of the terrain, climate and vineyard that are the characteristics of the wines of Bodegas Fontedei, which are the most elaborated wines in southern Europe, but with an average altitude of 1,200 meters. .   This uniqueness is reflected in its brands.   ZACATIN is a 100% Moscatel de Alejandría wine with strains of more than 40 years old, in slaty soil and with slopes of more than 60% making a wine that represents the varietal scents and at the same time in the mouth it gives us a great complexity, very long, making a unique wine by its characteristics obtaining in all vintages 97 points in prestigious guides.   ALBAYDA is a coupage of Sauvignon blanc that is fermented in stainless steel of 7,000 liters and Chardonnay that is fermented in French oak barrels from different cooperages giving a very peculiar and different wine to what exists in the market being its aging in barrels an incentive and encouragement to enjoy this wine.   AIXA is a pink 100% merlot. His aging on lees like the two previous wines makes him a wine that has a great structure in the mouth, fresh and with an acidity that makes his tasting a real delight.   LINDARAJA is a wine with 3 months in French oak barrels of the Tempranillo and Syrah varieties and it gives us a very fruity wine, soft on the palate, broad, that invites us to continue taking it due to its softness.   PRADO NEGRO Crianza. It is a coupage of 4 varieties Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha that due to the height of the vineyards and its quiet and slow processing makes a wine with a great personality and long time of fullness.   GARNATA Reserve. It is a blend of old Garnacha more than 40 years old, the only one in the entire Denomination of Origin Granada, and its low production per hectare, not reaching 2,500 kg / ha combined with 20% Syrah gives us a wine with a large softness in the mouth and the delight of any lover of a great wine with an unforgettable memory.   TINAJAS is the result of a study with the Alhambra of Granada to make a wine in its land of the Tempranillo and Syrah varieties that has remained for 6 months in earthen jars of 125 liters, giving only 273 bottles and making a wine suitable for any collector who wants to feel how the wines were made when the Arabs were in Granada.   Guia Semana Vitivinicola 2019 Zacatin 2017 com 97 puntos Albayda 2017 con 96 puntos Garnata 2014 con 95 puntos Lindaraja 2017 con 94 puntos Prado Negro 2014 con 94 puntos   Guia Peñin 2020 Prdo Negrp 2014 mas de 90 puntos Garnata 2014 mas de 90 puntos       Concurso CIVE 2019 Hemos sido seleccionados por los organizadores del Concurso CIVE 2019 para los siguientes premios Tinaja para mejor vino de España Albayda para mejor blanco de España Garnata para mejor tinto de España Zacatin para mejor vino revelacion de España Concurso CIVE 2019 RESULTADOS Medalla Civas oro Garnata 2014 93 puntos Medalla Gran CIVAS oro Tinajas 2014 95,5 puntos Medalla CIVAS oro Zacatin sobre lias 2017 95 puntos Medalla Civas  oro Aixa  rosado 2018 91 puntos Medalla CIVAS oro Albayda 2017 92 puntos Medalla CIVAS  oro Lindaraja roble 2017 90 puntos Medalla CIVAS oro Prado Negro Crianza 2014 puntos Todos los vinos presentados obtuvieron medallas     Resultado Concurso GILBERT&GAILLART 2019 Medalla de oro Garnata 2014 Medalla de plata Albayda 2017 Medalla de oro Prado Negro 2014 Medalla de plata Lindaraja 2017 Medalla de oro Zacatin 2017 Todos los vinos presentados obtuvieron medallas             All these brands are already consolidated year after year and gives us a brand that is FONTEDEI which is synonymous with quality, tradition and wines from Southern Europe, we are in the Dufry free airports of Malaga and Granada with a great acceptance by tourists of all the countries with which it gives us to understand that our wines have international taste and at the same time that it maintains its own identity and uniqueness.   The winery has a stock of 400,000 bottles in racks from the vintages of 2015 to 2018 and tasted by excellent sommeliers so that its continuity is assured over time.   Currently the winery is in a moment to give a boost, increasing production if necessary, boost wine tourism, externally adapt the facilities to be the flagship winery in all concepts of Granada.   Really the added value of these wines are in the export since they multiply by 4 the EXW value, since in the local market we are the leaders.    

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