CARRASVIÑAS VERDEJO One of the emblematic wines the D.O. Rueda with more than 70 years of history.

90 point Robert Parker (2018 Vintage) Carrasviñas Monovarietal Verdejo has more than 70 vintages behind it, made with a prefiloxeric vineyard. It is the flagship of our family winery, one of the most veteran of Rueda. Carrasviñas Verdejo 2019 presents an unbeatable price quality relationship. A classic Verdejo, with no masks, pure and direct.

Bodegas Félix Lorenzo Cachazo is a 100% family winery.Félix Lorenzo Cachazo was one of the eight founders of the Denominacion de Origen Rueda. The winery is currently assisted by the fifth generation producing wines in the family, Rueda is actually the best seller white wine area in Spain, and is growing year after year. The family was pioneer changing the old style wine-making from our predecessors, similar to the wines from the south of Spain, ”Fino style”, but produced in the centre of Spain! Many people does not know about this but is our past. A total of 190 hectares are under our control, 25 ha. are ours and 12 hectares are pre-phyloxeric vineyards, with more than 140 years old. Probably one of the oldest vineyards from Europe.“Carrasviñas” is our flagship brand with more than 70 years in the marketWith 1,5 million litres we are a medium size company but with a long exporting experience. We are exporting to more than 25 different countries.

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