The Callejo family winery has now passed into the hands of the second generation, and is growing in new and exciting directions under the leadership of the four Callejo siblings. José Félix and Noelia Callejo handle wine production, while Cristina and Beatriz Callejo run the commercial aspects of the business. José Félix Callejo trained at the hihgly esteemed Pétrus winery, Pomerol, France, and at the Miguel Torres winery of Curicó, Chile.  Since 2000 he has been lead winemaker of Bodegas Félix Callejo.  Since 2009, José Félix has been supported by Noelia Callejo.  Noelia has trained at Argentina's Viña Cobos winery and at Araujo Estate Wines in Napa Valley, California. Callejo wines derive their caracter from Sotillo de la Ribera, located to the north of the Duero river.  We work with our owned 60 hectares of Tempranillo wineyards, distributed in 25 plots exhibiting a diverse profile of soils thanks to our position ~900 m above sea level.  We use ecological management techniques, preserving the caracter of our terrain, which allows us to reliably create wines that authentically express the full flavor of the land. "Our wines are the reflection of our passion for our land" Callejo Family.
This wine represents a collection of sites located in Sotillo de la Ribera.
  • Brand name: PARAJES DE CALLEJO
  • Sector: Ribera del Duero PDO
  • New
This paraje (place) is located at the edge of the Sotillo páramo.
  • Sector: Ribera del Duero PDO
  • Organic

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