FRIZZ white wine, 100% Verdejo, maked in a natural way into Castilla y León.


Vis a Vis is a product elaborated from 100% Verdejo grapes, the grapes are selected depending on a specific ripening on the vines to obtain reduced sugar levels (alcoholic degree) and a balanced acidity. The entire fermentation process takes place in autoclave tanks (pressurized tanks which do not allow any loss of CO2 during the fermentation) with yeasts that we have specially selected. Fermentation is stopped when 5.0 degrees alcohol is reached and during the slowing down of the process a final alcoholic degree of 5.5º is obtained. This is the key to Vis a Vis and is a difficult method to carry out naturally as we do with Vis a Vis. The bottling takes place using a pressurized bottler so as not to lose the CO2 which we have taken such care to maintain throughout the process.


- On the eye: it has beautiful green tones with steely hues and a fine pearly presence…it looks fabulous.

- On the nose: Flowery aromas typical of the Verdejo variety waft over a fresh background with hints of spearmint, an appetizing provocation.

- Time to taste: At last! It´s fresh, incredibly expressive and a reminder of those lovely aromas with a fine and elegant carbonic sparkle. Deliciously moreish. Optimal serving temperature  between 7 and 9 ºC.


1.    Vis a Vis is a product not made to ease your solitude nor drown your sorrows.

2.    Don´t drink alone unless you are preparing to have company.

3.    In case of doubt, read the product instructions and consult a person who is more fun than you.

Recommended serving temperature: 4º C. Don´t let it heat up!


Vis a Vis has been made to bring happiness not to drown your sorrows.  It has spark, happiness and freshness. This drink is for those who are tired of being told what to do.

 BODEGAS EL INICIO is a small winery yet is brimming with technology and the knowledge necessary to elaborate and age great wines.

 The winery it is situated in Ribera del Duero, under the imposing presence of Peñafiel Castle, a Medieval fort.

 Created with one clear goal: to elaborate high quality wines, wines destined for barrel aging , wines without hurry, elegant and full of flavor.

 Wines which in their days gave their name to the Denomination of Origin, which our Director and associate Angel Luis Margüello helped to develop with care and personality back in the 80´s and 90´s .These types of wines, which under his experience, have been the true icons of the area and which are now enjoying a comeback. The wine´s potency falls back to make way for elegance, roughness turns to smoothness, elegant tannins form from aggressive tannins and peace evolves from chaos.

 Our winery is set in the Ribera del Duero but we have also been making wine for many years in other areas such as Castilla y León, Rías Baixas and Rueda (here with our 23 hectares of vineyard).

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