Very old dry PX

Pedro Ximen comes from Malaga Mountains area. Decomposing slate is the type of soil in this area, where the plants grow and the grapes mature to get an extraordinary quality fruit. It is a mountainous region with impressive rugged hills on soils covered with decomposing shale. The climate is warm and dry. Maturing and aging: 19 years in very old American oan barrels.

Bodegas Dimobe is a 4th generation family business established in 1927 in Moclinejo. Dedicated from the beginning to the elaboration of muscatel wine with the grapes from its own vineyards, currently produces a wide range of wines (dry white, rosé, red, sparkling and sweet wines) and vermouths. It has opted resolutely for the quality product from a superior quality grapes, thanks to the treatment that the producers give to the grapes in the same vineyard. This work is completed with the careful elaboration carried out in the winery. Another of the bets that it carries out in recent years is to offer a unique experience based on wine tourism, combining the best of the vineyard of the region of the Axarquia with an unforgettable visit to the centenary facilities that the winery has in Moclinejo.

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