Red Wine Tempranillo 12 months barrel

  • Exhibitor: BODEGAS CASAJÚS
  • Brand name: Casajús Finca Doña Len
  • Sector: DO Ribera del Duero

It is a wine made with 100% Tempranillo grapes (Tinta del País), originating from the vineyards planted by José Alberto 25 years ago in the natural areas of Quintana del Pidio located in the heart of Ribera del Duero, Spain. With this wine, one will highlight the aromas of red fruits that come from the variety, delicacy, and freshness of the red wine.

In the vinification cellar, the destemmed grapes remain at a low temperature in order to fully extract the potential fruit notes of the Tempranillo grapes. The grapes are fermented in small stainless steel tanks, with a capacity of 5,000 liters, that helps us to have rigorous control of the desired temperature.
In the aging cellar, the wine stays for 12 months, in second-year American and French oak barrels, perfectly assembling the soft toasty notes from the barrels with the red fruit notes of the wine.
Tasting Notes:
Visual Phase: intense bright cherry color, clean and with garnet trims denoting its careful elaboration and aging.
Olfactory Phase: the first impression is fresh and fruity, that highlights the fructose notes of sour cherries, fully ripe raspberries, combined with finely toasted notes from the barrels.
Gustatory Phase: Vigorous broad and suggestive; smooth and at the same time concentrated attack, all nuances that we have appreciated in the nose are confirmed again in the aftertaste, the notes of red fruit are lively and ripe, the toasted notes harmonise with the roundness and creaminess of the tannins, very balanced, a tasty result and invites you to continue tasting it.

Casajús or Casajús Winery, in Spanish: Bodegas Casajús, is a Spanish fine winery. It is situated in the town of Quintana del Pidio (province of Burgos, Spain), in the Protected Designation of Origin (Denominación de origen) Ribera del Duero. Over generations, the Calvo and Casajús families developed their own family wines, although it was not until 1993 that José Alberto Calvo Casajús founded the winery. The winery gained international recognition thanks to the great appraisals from the American wine magazine, Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate.
In 2013 the winery received the highest scores in Ribera del Duero from the British critic, Neal Martin, for the American magazine Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate. The NIC 2009 wine was awarded 97 points and Casajús Viñedos Antiguos wine received 95 points, this triggered the receipt of international media attention.

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