Red wine with D.O. Granada (Spain) aged for 4 months in american and french oak barrels.

GRAPES: 58% Tempranillo, 24% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot, 4% Syrah and 2% Garnacha.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: Garnet red color, medium layer. Clean and bright. On the nose aromas of ripe black fruit alternated with toasted notes, on a balsamic background that gains intensity with time in the glass. In mouth tasty and unctuous, frank, with soft tannins. Pleasant end.

ACCOMPANIMENT: Charcuterie, semi-cured cheeses, grilled meats, muchrooms, stews, ...

BEST SERVED: Between 15 and 16 ºC.

ALCOHOL: 14,5 % VOL.

Bodegas Al Zagal S.L. is a company within the food sector, dedicated to the elaboration, ageing, bottling and marketing of wines with Protected Designation of Origin Granada (Spain).

From the passion for the wine world emerges in 2000 this project full of enthusiasm and desire to achieve the maximum quality from our wines with flavor and qualities characteristic of the lands of our region, located more than 1000 meters high north of the province, and unique within the national panorama. This desire has led us all these years to be one of the leading wineries of the creation of the Protected Designation of Origin Granada, with all that this entails; a comprehensive control and monitoring of the entire cycle of the grape from its cultivation to the packaging of our wines.

The care of the plantations, the selection of the grapes, the use of up to date technology and a careful elaboration with the grapes borned of the land and the characteristic climate of our vineyards located in the Sierra Nevada highlands, in the point where we have the highest level of sun in Europe with strong winds combinated with a big difference of temperature between day and nigth and with just a few rain, are part of the causes of the great quality achieved in our wines in recent years.

All our wines of the PDO Granada are sold under the trademark REY ZAGAL. The name of our wines comes from the sultan Abu ‘ AbdAllah Muhammad az-Zaghall of Granada, called by the Christians the Zagal (brave) which was the name of Muhammed XIII King of Granada from 1485-1486.

The base is made without use of a press, with wine bud of the Tempranillo grape blended with other varieties such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha. These combinations of grape are often done with meticulous care by our winemaker, who measures the maturity times very meticulously as well as the time in oak barrels. The white wine uses Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

The winery carried out the construction of the first phase of its facilities in 2005 in the municipality of Cogollos de Guadix, although it undertook a second phase of expansion at the beginning of 2011.Currently, we have the following resources:

- Floor area: 700 m2

- Current production capacity: 40.000 l/year

- Number of oak barrels: 150 units

- Deposit Capacity: 75.000 l.

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