White Organic wine

  • Exhibitor: BODEGA SAN VALERO
  • Brand name: BODEGAVERDE - Macabeo
  • Sector: DO Cariñena
  • Organic
  • New

Think like a bee... Oh! A flower!!! Careful or i´ll bump into it !!A tree, aroma of fruit, vineyards, white grapes... HMMMM How tasty!.

A stone, a giant hand, shall I sting it or not??...

Clouds, it´s raining, I am going home...

The sun rises, an intense yellow, the rainbow...


Everything that exists in the universe is connected


A leading winery in the region since 1944, Bodega San Valero has the longest history in Cariñena, and has benefitted from access to some of the most prominent vineyards in the region for 75 years.  The winery manages 500 grape growers cultivating over 4,000 hectars of vineyard as active members of the cooperative, where 90% of the vineyards surround the winery facility near the village of Cariñena. 

Bodega San Valero focuses on indigenous varieties which account for 70% of plantings. A long history in the region brings key advantages – some 20% of the Garnacha is classified as “old vines”, ranging from 30 to 100 years  and located at extreme altitudes in very rocky soils. 

The winery is considered one of the most progressive wineries in Cariñena, combining a passion and respect for tradition with the most modern winemaking techniques that Europe has to offer.

- Cooperativa Vinícola San Valero represents around 27% of the entire D.O.P.  Cariñena

- 100% of Production is from our own property

- More than 18.000 French and American oak barrels  make us the biggest wine producing facility in Aragón

- We export our wines to more than 33 countries

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