Huellas del Tietar is a project born in 2013 of the hand of Feliciano Conde aimed at curbing the near on one hundred-year-old vines grubbing-up due to the lack of generational replacement and the impossibility of its winemakers of “living off the grapes”.

It was truly unfortunate to see how the result of hard work, much love and endless illusion of several generations was been torn out. So, we embarked on this wonderful and risky journey that takes us to a small town called Lanzahi´ta, located in the heart of the Tie´tar Valley, south of province of A´vila and sheltered to the north by the Sierra de Gredos.

For four intense years we were getting to know the earth, our vineyards and we were recovering their potential to take the next big step: to create the Huellas del Tie´tar Winery. That same year 2017, we joined the Protected Designation of Origin of Cebreros to start being part of a wonderful family of small and almost heroic winemakers and wine growers.

To this day, we aim to place the Tie´tar Valley and Sierra de Gredos as a reference in high quality wines for a consumer seeking experiences outside the traditional market and that puts value on labor and local work, respect for the environment, the philosophy of work and, the quality of the final product.

In Huellas del Tie´tar, we recovered yesterday's vines for today's wines.



We speak of small rainfed vineyards of sandy, sandy loam and granitic soils, of no more than half a hectare. All of them looking at the Tie´tar river located in the southern slope of the Sierra de Gredos, surrounded by fig trees, pines, strawberry trees, oaks, cistus ... The presence of this whole ecosystem allows us to achieve wines with a lot of personality that manage to transport you to their place of origin.

As the wine is made in the vineyard, we treat it with special care, plowing and slaughtering each vineyard with manure from organic farms, in a traditional way. So that each vine can make the most of the rainwater of spring and summer, at the end of winter we "make their feet" by hand and with a hoe, a task we carry out for approximately 12,000 goblet-pruned vines. It is a very laborious process which these almost century-old vines are grateful for.



We harvest in mid-September, late or even early October, depending on the casuistry of each year. We harvest by hand each vineyard to make a first selection of the bunches in the vineyard. We do it when the sun rises, in small boxes of fifteen kilos to avoid that the grape breaks and an uncontrolled fermentation begins.

Being small single vineyards - none exceeds half a hectare - the harvest ends at eleven o'clock in the morning with the grapes still fresh at around 14°C - 15°C. As soon as we finish harvesting we put the grapes in a cold room at about 5°C in order to vat the next day. In this way we carry out a cold prefermentation, which allows us to obtain wines with greater color and body, with a greater capacity for aging and endowed with a more intense and complex aromatic profile.

When the time comes to conceal, just after the destemming, the grape goes to a selection table where we make a manual selection "grape to grape" so that only the grapes enter the optimal state of maturation.

After this exhaustive selection, the grape falls by gravity in the deposits located in the inferior plant of the warehouse. And it is from this moment, when the magic begins.


As a result of a meticulous production made with care in limited quantities, we offer a completely exclusive product to those who appreciate well-made creations. Our wines are the expression of the different vineyards where they come from. High quality wines for a consumer seeking experiences outside the traditional market who just loves enjoying drinking wine.

Red wine 6 months aging in french oak barrels - 100% Grenache - PDO Cebreros
  • Brand name: RELATOS 2018
  • New
Young Rosé Wine - 100% Grenache - PDO Cebreros
  • Brand name: BENDITA FRESCURA 2018
  • Sector: ROSE WINE
Vino tinto joven - 100% Garnacha
  • Brand name: OTRO CANTAR 2018
  • Sector: YOUNG RED WINE

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