Red Wine 100% Tempranillo

  • Exhibitor: BELA
  • Brand name: BELA
  • Sector: DO Ribera del Duero
Red Wine 100% Tempranillo 

Our philosophy here is to bring CVNE´s Riojan elegance to this rugged region.


The vineyard is 74 hectares, planted mostly to trellised tempranillo. Vines are 16 years old, planted in 2002. The vineyard is next to the winery, in the village of Villalba de Duero. Calcareous clay and sandy soils. Climate is continental.

Bela’s label is a facsimile of an old CVNE label from the 1910’s.  The stars represent each of the children of CVNE’s co-founder, Eusebio Real de Asúa. His brother Raimundo, the other co-founder, had no descendants. Each star represents one of the children: Sofía, Áurea, and Ramón. Sofía was known as Bela. Víctor and María Urrutia, 5th generation of CVNE,  descend from her.

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