Moscow Mule sorbet (3% ABV)

Bayne Moscow Mule Sorbet is a new innovation on the ice cream market. The Moscow Mule consists of three ingredients; vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. This alcoholic dessert, which contains vodka and lots of ginger, will surprise your customers with a more premium offering than chocolate or vanilla.

Once people tried our sorbet, they moved on from drinking beer. During previous events we saw a 45% rise in cocktail sales with a customer who offered our alcoholic sorbets than during events in which they were not offered.

We offer our sorbets in three different formats; 125 ml, 450 ml and 5 litre tubs, this caters for different moments. The sorbet is lactose and gluten free and only contains 3% ABV which means you can drive home without any worries (e.g. our 125 ml tub contains less alcohol than half a bottle of shandy).

Grandma Bayne loved Cocktails and Ice Cream. Often, we would walk along the countryside with her Labrador Ben to pick sloe berries. She would use the berries to make Sloe gin and on hot summer days would pour the gin over her lemon sorbet. Years later she gave us the idea to share this flavour experience with others.

At Bayne we focus on the flavour. Our sorbets contain alcohol to more realistically portray the taste of your favourite cocktail. Currently there are four flavours and each one is a popular drink across the bars of Europe.

As Chris, one of our founders, has a lactose intolerance we have also created ice cream without milk. Our aim is to create creamy ice cream, so you don’t even miss the lactose and not create another sorbet that has a very watery texture. Every year more consumers are looking for milk alternatives, without a less tasty product, at Bayne we have developed alternatives that fulfil this requirement.

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