Organic White Wine made 100% from organic Palomino grape. Vino de la tierra de Cádiz

  • Exhibitor: BARBADILLO
  • Brand name: SÁBALO
  • Organic
  • New
‘Sabalo’ is made 100% from organic Palomino grape. It was crafted by Barbadillo’s winemakerMontse Molina whose many years of experience working with the Palomino grape have ensuredthe optimum quality of this wine.The terroir influence here is considerable as all the grapes are grown on the famous chalky‘Albariza’ soil of the region. The wine’s great finesse and delicate flavours are a reflection of boththis soil and the vineyards’ proximity to the sea and the River Guadalquivir.The grapes come exclusively from two certified organic vineyards and were the first in the regionto convert to organic production. The first is near Sanlucar with 35 year old vines and has beencertified organic since 2003.The second vineyard is on the crest of a hill overlooking the Guadalquivir wetlands towardsSanlucar and Trebujena. The vineyard is 25 years old and has been certified organic since 2008.With grapes from these two vineyards we have blended the influence of the sea with that of theriver.

Founded in 1821 in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz), Barbadillo is still a family business in its entirety with strong traditions and a cultural heritage that provides its solid foundations. In the cellars we continue to age our wines in the same spaces in which we did 200 years ago, respecting the traditional methods to the maximum.   One of the great hallmarks of Bodegas Barbadillo is its connection with the land on which it sits, Sanlucar de Barrameda, both with its own vineyards and the longstanding relationships with many grape growers of the area.  These allow us to maintain the personality of our wines and vinegars.

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