SheetNose: Intense fruity of green olives, with herbaceous and vegetal aromas, where the tomato, the artichoke and the vegetables appear first. In the background, more ripe touches of almond, kiwi and green banana. Complex, clean and fragrant.

Mouth: Soft on the palate, it stands out for its great harmony that recalls the same vegetal sensations perceived in the nose. Bitter and spicy balanced. Almond and persistent aftertaste.

Sight: Intense green color, clean and bright.

Nearly 2.000 hectares of crops belonging to the members / harvesters of the cooperative society make up our centenary olive grove, leafy and newly cultivated that stretch along the fertile lands of the valley watered by the Guadalquivir River.From the same places, where Julio Cesar fell captivated by the flavor and aroma of its early oils, it is still elaborated "Balcón del Guadalquivir" (from the Latin Solarium Baetim), extra virgin olive oil extracted from the early fruit of centuries-old olive trees ... THE PREDILECT OF JULIO CESAR.


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