Sicilian nougat with pistachio

  • Exhibitor: BACCO SRL
  • Brand name: Torrone al pistacchio
  • Sector: SNACKS
 Acknowledgement of the importance of torrone preparation in Sicilian traditional food culture, in which, at every religious or town feast, “torronari” used to make their specialities in huge rekindled casseroles, with almonds and pistachios, honey and sugar. Torrone was then laid on marble tables and cut with knives. We, Bacco, are keeping such tradition.

Bacco is an sicilian artisan company of pistachio production and transformation, foundend in 2006. The production model is based on the control of the whole chain, from harvesting to storage, up to processing and to the finished product, and on the extraordinary quality of the raw material combined with processing techniques that, though still traditional, combine the mastery of craftsmanship with the use of perfected machinery. Respect of tradition and technological development are an inseparable binomial of our business logic. Sicilian pistachio, famous all over the world, grows on Etna lava soil and thanks to its origin it has an emerald green colour, an intense aroma and a particularly savoury taste.

Among the best selling products: pistachio pesto, pistachio cream, pistachio panettone, Chocolate bars and pistachio chocolates, crunchy and nougat with pistachio and almond, dried fruit and pure pistachio paste, hazelnut and almond for horeca and retail

Certificazioni: BRC, IFS, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, HCCP, HALAL  


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