Jamón de Bellota Ibérico

  • Exhibitor: AROMAIS
  • Brand name: Jamón de Bellota Ibérico

Aromais" are the abbreviation of "Aromaibérica Serrana S.L.

Our job is to make hams, in fact we have been doing them since 1986, so our presence at the fair brings the flavor, aroma and texture of a good ham. Aromais is passion and tradition, where what we do has been taught and we want to improve it. Aromais is a technology-coupled experience that helps us make the cured ham as usual for today's consumer. We have been manufacturing a ham we call "SuperHam" for many years, where our master winemaker has been improving over time. It is a boneless ham, also square, which has a total performance of the piece, in addition to its slices being uniform for presentation on plates. But the most important thing about this product is that it has managed to reduce its salt content by more than 25%, so we have the recognition of the "Spanish Heart Foundation". We are also making Iberian pork ham, which we call Super Black Ham

We are certified to export to more than 30 countries: all of Europe, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, ... that's why in the department of quality and food safety of Aromaibérica Serrana, S.L. We have as a fundamental pillar the obtaining of a safe product for our consumers, in addition to working day by day, together with the other departments, so that the quality of our different brands meets the demands of our customers.

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