Ares Rosso

  • Exhibitor: APOZA
  • Brand name: Masseria Surani
Wine made in Puglia. Intense ruby red in colour with aromas of red fruits and black cherry on the nose. Sapid, with balanced acidity, soft tannins and a medium body.

In 1989 APOZA was born, a Malaga company dedicated to the import and sale of Italian gastronomy products.

Our facilities also house a great diversity of household items and machinery for the Hospitality and Catering. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, ApozaIt is consolidated as one of the most important companies that imports and distributes throughout the national territory.

We have more than 9000 references and a logistics network for the distribution of our products in their different temperatures and conditions necessary to guarantee the best delivery service to the consumer.

None of this would be possible without the commitment of the Apoza team. Each of our employees are committed to the company's values: taking care of all its products and providing personalized attention to our customers.

We continue with the incorporation of products relying on leading brands and giving the opportunity to others that make their way providing their quality to meet the needs of their customers. Our objectives are to continue moving forward and cover new challenges to offer you as always the best quality.

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