Cantabrian MSC anchovies in extra virgin organic oil.

The most famous anchovy salting region is Cantabria, which is where all of our anchovies come from. This type in particular are MSC (#MSCLABEL) certified and made semi-preserved, in organic extra virgin olive oil.

Anchovies (Engraulis spp) are obtained by salting white anchovy. It is still prepared the traditional way today. Its flavoursome meat and pungent aroma are the reasons why it is one of the most popular types of blue fish in Spain.

Being a blue fish, anchovies have a high nutritional value, as they are rich in proteins, minerals (calcium, magnesium and iodine), B vitamins and folic acid.

Committed to quality, since 1873. We are the oldest family owned seafood canning company in Spain. Our history ( #OURHISTORY) is linked with all the people that shaped our Founder´s vision, with their labour and illusion.

We blend tradition with the state of art technology (#HOWDOWEMAKE ) to offer natural product, free from preservatives and with the unmistakable taste of our recipes.

We take care that you can enjoy products year around that are canned #QUALITY) at their best and highest nutritional quality, when they reach their optimum point of taste and texture.

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