Mandocas rellenas - Palitos de plátano macho maduro rellenos de queso fresco


Conservación: -18 ºC

Presentación: detal (12 uni) y granel (240 uni)

Peso: 480 g y 9,60 Kg


Ideal para desayunar y merendar acompañadas de nuestra nata criolla.


Freír: 180ºC durante 4 min | Hornear: 180ºC durante 15 min


Contiene lácteos

Trazas de soja

We founded a family business in 2008, dedicated to the satisfaction of each one of our customers with an excellent gastronomic variety, taking care of the highest quality standard.

We started with venezuelan based cuisine, and have evolved to new markets, diversifying from Finger Foods (such as cheese Tequeños) to prepared meals (such as vegan burgers), also adding the distribution of a variety of brands.

Our industrial progress now involves “ad hoc” developments for customers, adapting fabrication to their needs, with a unique flavor and the highest quality.

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