100% Albarín White Wine :: Awards: Silver Medal - Vindouro and Top Wine

Pincerna 100% Albarín is produced with the first musts which are gravity-bled. We don't allow the grapes to be pressed by the press.

A process that requires 12 months, with the fresh grapes contributing with all the aromas and structure of the skins. The harvest is vital to get the acidity equilibrium of albarín. 

Afterwards we work for two months with it's lees to get a perfectly balanced, rounded, powerful and fresh wine. The diverse aromatic notes present in Pincerna Albarín are quite impressive. 



 La bodega está ubicada en el histórico pueblo de Grajal de Campos, y sus vinos están amparados bajo la Denominación de Origen León. A día de hoy, se produce un blanco 100% Albarín, un rosado 100% Prieto Picudo y dos tintos 100% Prieto Picudo, uno "joven" con un ligero pase por barrica y Pincerna Sumiller, con 7 meses de envejecimiento. En cada vino intentamos transmitir la personalidad de las variedades y la fuerza del terruño, pero siempre buscando aportar nuestro mejor saber hacer de un modo innovador y atrevido. Nuestra misión es producir grandes y originales vinos que sean de fácil disfrute para el consumidor.


Pincerna Wines is Gabriel García’s and Alfonso Bazaga’s, most personal project, now joined by the Espinosa family and Andrés Martín Carbonero, a prestigious winemaker.

10 years of extensive research in a very particular spot located in the southern part of the Province of León, in Castilla y León. A small area of land which has seen how two very unique and unknown grape varieties have grown for Centuries. There is no other place in the world, not even in Spain, where these two grape varieties can be found. They are unique, they are scarce, and they have tremendous potential. We are talking about Prieto Picudo and Albarín

The winery is located in the historical town of Grajal de Campos, and its wines are certified by the D.O. León. Nowadays, Pincerna Wines produces a 100% Albarín white wine, a 100% Prieto Picudo rosé wine and 2 red wines 100% Prieto Picudo. Pincerna Joven, slightly oak aged and Pincerna Sumiller, aged for 7 months. 

In each wine we try to transmit the personality of the grapes varieties and the power of the terroir. We focus on using our know-how in the most innovative and surprising way. Our mission is to produce great and original wines which are easy to enjoy by customers. 



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