Pearls of Figs

Soft pearls that contain the best fig juice. Perfect for cocktails and drinks, very tasty in cheeses, delicious in roasts and red meats, excellent with fruit salads, ice cream and desserts.

Terra del Tuono is a family run business since 1892, located in the little part of Italy between  Modena & Reggio Emilia. We are certified BRC & IFS at highest level. We realize a wide range of balsamic vinegars and condiments which are all natural, without  caramel, additives, thickeners and preservatives. The high quality it’s the result of a slow ageing that it’s done in the precious wood barrels and using only selected Italian ingredients. We are always focused on the research and development of innovations, which is actually our trademark.

The mission of Terra del Tuono is to produce High Quality and Innovative Products. The production process is fully realized in the domestic production chain, the list of ingredients is always as short as possible and always all natural.

Tradition, Technology, Research and Innovation, these are the keywords behind the activities of Terra del Tuono.

We are committed to develop our business with keen eye and great respect for the century-old traditions of our products but also with the determination in developing year after year new technologies to create Innovative and Original products.

The main goal of Terra del Tuono is the Customer's Satisfaction, with the creation, since the beginning, of a clear and confident relationship with our business partners. Terra del Tuono is committed to satisfy the basic human need for an healthy diet, but at the same time also intriguing, thoughtful and curious, open to new tastes and flavors. Terra del Tuono creates valuable products, with sensitivity and respect for different cultures, paying the greatest attention to the analysis of the different market dynamics.

Terra del Tuono has been trading with fairness, consistency and professionalism, pursuing excellence in all stages of business operations. Relations with Collaborators, Suppliers and Customers are always governed by ethical behaviour. Consumers are constantly protected through the main quality certification for products and processes. The quality of products is guaranteed by meticulous checks during all stages of the production process.

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