Manzanilla Green Olive Jam

From the combination of the best Manzanilla greenolives, sugar and lemon juice, our Green Olive Jam isborn. It is ideal for tasting with cheeses, exquisite mixedwith foie and perfect to present your stews or roastedpoultry.

Aceitunas Lou is  a Spanish familiar company who produces high quality olives and pickles in different packagings for foodservice and retail.

Jose Lou have also a Gourmet selection and keeps the traditional taste of the olives in our recipes.

We have some products that may be interesting for you because they are 100% natural, with no preservatives added.  

Jose Lou has the typical varieties from its region, Aragon and also other varieties mainly from the south of Spain. We have different presentations as pitted, whole, marinated olives, olive´s pates. 

 We also produce for international private labels. 

Nowadays we are looking for new distributors/ importers for our products. 

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