Can EVOO Early Harvest 3 Liters

  • Exhibitor: ACEITES TAPIA
  • Brand name: Aceites Tapia

Aceites Tapia, S.L. is a family business that it only produces superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), obtained directly from selected olives at their optimum ripeness point and only by mechanical process.

The careful mixture of olives of the hojiblanca and marteña varieties and their pressing at low temperature, made just a few hours after being picked from the olive tree allow us to obtain oil of a very low acidity (0,16-0,17 %) that stands out for its smooth and balanced flavor.

We have the variety of Early Harvest, obtained from the first olives harvest of the season still in the process of maturation, thanks to which it allows us to produce an oil of excellent quality, with intense green color, rich in nuances, stronger and spicier than traditional oil obtained from more mature fruits.   

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