"Life has given wings to the olive and transformed it into a butterfly, in order to make it fly, without touching the ground, to the Olive Oil Mill where the fruit is transformed once again into an Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

? Our olive trees are placed in one of the best locations in the World – The Mountains of The Subbética. They are centenary olive trees that were planted on the foothill of a mountain. The land where they grow, is very rich in nutrients for olives. This is possible, due to the remaining pruning below them, that surrounds all the ground of the Pago de Visarejos’ land. 

? In the production process, the olives are taken straight from the tree (not from the ground) and transported in small quantities to maintain the integrity of the fruit. 

? In less than 5 hours, the olives are milled and transformed into an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, on a First Cold Pressing. 

? The obtained Extra Virgin Olive Oil, represents on itself the three essential elements that are necessary to produce it: A Farmer, An Oil Mill Master, and An Artist. The first one, takes care of the land and the olive tree. Then, the olives are wisely milled by craftsmanship hands, through the use of modern machines. Finally, the packaging design is inspired by the painting of an Artist, who adds extra value to its content. 

? Our product is nowadays considered one of the healthiest Olive Oils in the world. Its outstanding characteristics differentiate it from other oils for containing a higher proportion of antioxidants. 

? It is a green fruit Oil, balanced on its bitterness and its late throat itch. Tasting it, you may be able to discover apple fragrance or even appreciate the almond fruit in balance with aromatic herbs and vegetables such as artichoke. 

For more than 5 generations the Salgado family has developed a line of high quality olive oils based on the deep knowledge of the habits and tastes of the consumer in each country.

Since 1875, the date on which this business project was started, we are proud to supply the most suitable type of oil for each market.As a result of the joint venture with GRUPO MIGASA, one of the world leaders in the production and sale of olive oils and seeds, we have our own mills, extraction plants, refineries and bottling plants, thus controlling the entire production process.

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