Olivsur Premium Picual - 500 ml

  • Exhibitor: ACEITES OLIVSUR
  • Brand name: Olivsur Premium
  • New


-EVOO of Early Harvest-

Our Premium Picual is harvested during the month of October, when the olive is mostly green. It is specially designed by and to consider the highest quality of a EVOO on your table. Give that exquisite touch to any dish by adding this authentic delicacy.

Perfect for raw consumption, keeping all its properties intact. In addition, this Premium olive oil is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, ideal to take care of your health while enjoying an extraordinary flavor. This exclusive product will make your special moments be, if possible, much more.


Our Picual Premium has a high green fruity, accompanied by a light bitter and medium spicy. It is a very complex oil and rich in both olfactory and retronasal nuances where green and fresh notes are predominant. It has a sweet entrance in the mouth with flavors that remind us of the tomato, the green wood, the banana peel, the green almond and spice touches, ending with a persistent fresh and mentholated sensation and very pleasant in the mouth.


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Aceites Olivsur was born from the effort and enthusiasm of the Family Serrano to share the tradition and quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we obtain from our own fields. Only being participants from beginning to end in the entire production process, we guarantee that the product we sell is of the highest quality. Our goal is that the best oil arrives directly from our olive groves in Jaén to the table of our customers.

Light lands and hectares of dark green olive trees make up our fields. Located in the southeast of the municipality of Úbeda (Jaén) at an altitude of between 500 and 600 meters, our olive trees grow in the upper part of the Guadalquivir Valley, at the foot of the Sierra de Cazorla and Mágina and where the Mediterranean climate influenced by the nearby mountains.

These conditions make our fields a unique place for the cultivation of the olive tree, they also help to reduce the incidence of pests and diseases to a maximum, consequently, the quality of the fruit and oil we obtain is maximum, being a complex oil and rich in nuances.

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