EVOO PICUAL PREMIUM - HUESCA (Extra early-harvest)

SHIO is our new PREMIUM line of EVOOs for extra-early collection. Born in 2019 to create a range of monovarietals with differentiated character of different varieties. At the moment we have launched Arbequina and Picual, since they are two totally opposite EVOO profiles, so that nobody is left indifferent. Harvesting takes place 2 months before reaching full maturity of the olive, when it barely reaches 10% oil content. They are very green olives that offer us their full potential of flavors and aromas due to their freshness and their method of collection and elaboration. Care has been taken to detail from the work in the field to the design of the bottles to obtain an exclusive product of the highest quality.

We are a small family company born of the initiative and passion of a young graduate in agronomic engineering, who in 2009, in the midst of economic crisis, undertook this project. Taking advantage of the familiar means at his disposal, such as the land and the tools for the work in the field, the technical and practical knowledge of his career, and his initiative and illusion, the brand "Flor de Sal" is born.The name sums up the essence of the oil and the environment since the land on which the farm is located is extremely saline, and even salt crystals surface on its surface. This characteristic makes the olive tree under conditions of permanent stress reducing its productive capacity, however, this overexertion compensates by providing more aromas and polyphenols to the oil. In Flor de Sal we have shown that it is possible to take advantage of this inconvenience and turn it into a virtue and create an opportunity.


SHIO is launched in 2018 as the new premium line of various products related to olives and olive oil. Extra-early collection oils are our brand of identity. In 2019, with only a few months of life in the market, SHIO picual was awarded a silver medal in the prestigious Olive Japan international competition.




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