The OROSPEDA CLASSIC 100 % PICUAL EVOO is an oil with a balanced presence of green and ripe fruits. It highlights the persistence of the attributes that mark its profile of green leaf and tomato. In the mouth it presents medium intensities of bitter and spicy characteristic of the picual variety, with high polyphenol content.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oróspeda.   With Protected Designation of Origin, (PDO) SIERRA DE CAZORLA, from Jaén, Andalucía, Spain.  

A combination of aroma and flavor hard to forget, symbol of purity and uniqueness.  

Our EVOO variety PICUAL, Surprising for its intense medium fruity aroma, with notes of freshly cut grass, pleasant smell of alloza (green almond), tomato and leaves. It offers a huge expressive power well-structured and persistent with a mild bitterness and itching, indicative of the highest percentage of antioxidants (polyphenols), which makes it healthy.  

The ROYAL variety also stands out, this EVOO has a great olfactory complexity with an intense and fresh fruity green olive, a great mix of herbaceous and fruity aromas, highlighting the green banana, almond and vanilla. Its flavor, as well as its aroma, is very delicate and complex, fluid passing, with great harmony and light persistence, mild sweetness, very slight bitterness and something more spicy that persists pleasantly in time.  

Our EVOO come from extensive family olive groves that go back generations and now  we process through the most rigorous and strict quality controls that go from the sowing, through the care of the olive trees, harvesting of the fruit until the final product with a cold extraction that does not exceed 22ºC, which guarantees the consumer a true EVOO of unrivaled quality and purity.

It is important to note that we have all the permits and sanitary records for export, as well as the FDA to be able to export to the USA.   For more information, visit our website, www.aceiteorospeda.com, or contact us by email at info@aceiteorospeda.com.  

Finally, we invite you to see our corporate video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K50x25CcssY    and join us at the 2020 Salon Gormet. 

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