Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Early Harvest.

Extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety with great personality, body and a high rating in green olive fruitiness. Green olfactory connotations of herbs, tomato and apple that are reflected in a taste level where reminders of olive tree leaf emerge that are expressed through a light bitter and spicy finale.

The ideal product to meet the needs of a healthy kitchen that seeks quality in the raw materials it uses to produce dishes worthy of the highest level of gastronomy. Its elegant packaging keeps this great oil isolated from light and air to ensure that quality reaches the table. And it makes transport and storage very easy.

It is harmonious and balanced with intense aroma and flavour, halfway between the exceptional early harvest EVOOs and the large format olive oils for general use.

It’s personality makes it an EVOO that is elegant and ideal for use in potato, meat and fish stews. An extra virgin olive oil with exceptional resistance to high temperatures that makes it ideal for frying and cooking in the oven, especially fish to which it contributes the minimum in fat content. A very versatile oil that, due to its high quality, is also enjoyed raw in sauces and salads.


Capricho del Fraile’ is a Facompany where the most important is to produce our Caprice EVOO

Capricho del Fraile’ is the brand under which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold originating from the best yields of the "El Fraile" property, with about 200 ha. of olive groves, almond trees, oaks, pines and scrubland, it is located between the foothills of ‘Sierra Mágina’, in the province of Jaén, and ‘Los Montes Orientales’, in the province of Granada. It is located in a plateau of sandy loam in the 1020 m. to 1070 m. range, optimal land at high altitudes, which, in a continental Mediterranean climate favour excellent quality in all of our olive juices.

Capricho del Fraile’ is a product that has been given careful attention in the countryside for 11 months, under an integrated production system, and in the 2019-2020 campaign we decided to launch it into the market with the twofold objective of marketing our early harvest, on the one hand, and getting a competitive product into the high-end EVOO market segment, on the other hand.

Always in search of a product with the highest quality that the consumer is able to recognize and enjoy.

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