Bread of Cea, IGP, sourdough own cultivation, native wheat caaveiro. baked in firewood direct fire

  • Exhibitor: ABOAMIGALLA
  • Brand name: IGP PAN DE CEA
  • Sector: MASA MADRE
  • New
Cea Aboagamilla bread is made in two formats: 1 kg and 600 grams. It is a bread of firm and thick crust and spongy crumb. This bread has an intense wheat flavor, the native Caaveiro wheat that is the one used by Aboamigalla. Its baking in a direct fire oven with birch and oak wood, gives it a special flavor and smell. Bread, bread. Cea Aboamigalla bread is real, authentic bread, kneaded and rested in wooden trough and linen blanket. As the most ancestral tradition marks, protected by the Pan de Cea Protected Geographical Indication. This bread has a long durability, due to the firmness of its crust, which acts as a true coat, protecting a bread that is made from the thirteenth century with the same process. One of the 4 denominations of origin in Spain, the only one in Galicia and the first in Europe in bread. Galician bakery crafts.

Aboamigalla is a certified artisan workman for elaboration Protected Geographical Indication Pan de Cea. With three wood and stone ovens, he is a pioneer in the recovery of Caaveiro wheat, certified by the Ministry of Agriculture as 100% native Galician, in the production of Cea bread. This cereal confers a characteristic flavor and assumes a return to the origins, recovering an authentic and original flavor in this ancient bread (it is made the same since the thirteenth century, its process of regulation being regulated by regulations) and of great durability. Aboamigalla produces its own cultivated sourdough consisting of caaveiro wheat in its integral version, which is especially healthy, taking care to preserve the prestige of one of the 4 protected geographical indications of bread in Spain, the first one in Europe and the only one that There is bread in Galicia and the highest level of raw material quality in its composition. In Aboamigalla, they are produced entirely by hand and using native cereals, in addition to Cea Bread, different traditional Galician breads (chestnut, corn, rye ...) and pie, as in the past, of thin dough, hand-stretched, with best ingredients (saffron, extra virgin olive oil, supreme Galician beef, poultry, scallop...). Aboamigalla is the first craftsman in the national territory (and with direct fire wood ovens) to obtain an international quality certification, the IFS GM Food, being the first also of Cea's bread producers. Also pioneers in Spain in a system of circular economy that in a totally sustainable way, uses the leftover smoke from the furnaces, to heat the water and provide the heating installation (and the woodshed). Clean energy, firewood and smoke; Fossil energies are not used. Also the Cea bread container is more valuable since it is 100% biodegradable. The modern design of the workshop, of 1,000 square meters, combines tradition and respect for the natural and historical enclave of the Camino de Santiago (Ruta de la Plata) incorporating exterior and interiors of wood and direct fire wood furnaces constitute a firm commitment to the most traditional and genuine bread making. To value the richness in our product and location, Aboamigalla carries out a program of culture of good bread, with visits by collectives in the oven where they are trained in the excellence of artisan bread and Cea bread, an ancestral bread.

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