Award “best marzipan factory” – 4th Edition Gastro&Cía Awards


Last 30th September, the 4th Edition of Gastro&Cía Awards was celebrated within the Museo del Traje in Madrid where Mazapanes Barroso was awarded with the prize of “Best Marzipan Factory” in 2019. This event was organized by the Spanish newspaper La Razón.

This is a prestigious award that recognizes the career of our company that started in the mid-nineteenth century in the old town of Toledo, preserving the art of our marzipan´s good work, quality and tradition.  

The best and the most refined almond are the base and the secret for our marzipan to keep even today, more than a thousand years after its creation, the authentic taste and the most genuine essence of this product.  


With a career that began in the mid 19th Century in the old town of Toledo, #Mazapanes Barroso is a small marzipan factory that every year learns more knowledge to work the traditional ingredients (almond and sugar). There is always something new to learn, although we have been working for a few centuries in order to please the most demanding palates of our clients as well as being able to reach new ones to continue growing, based on our success in the good work of marzipan which is the main objective of this Company, your Home.  

The #products that we offer are made preserving the handcrafted tradition which has been transmitted for centuries from generation to generation. Our company keeps this practice while preserving the process of its elaboration as well as carefully selecting the best ingredients, National Marcona Almond and sugar which are the base and the secret for our Marzipan to keep even today, more than a thousand years after its creation, the authentic taste and the most genuine essence of marzipan. 

We have a special line for patisseries and other type of establishments with our own manufacturing but we can customize the items to your liking with the quality and presentation that you demand. 

Last September 2019 we have been awarded with the prize as #“The Best Marzipan Factory” by the newspaper La Razón in the IV Edition of Gastro&Cía. We hope this information has been useful but if you wish more detailed information about our current activity and wide range of products, please access to our website: or contact directly with us to  

If you also want to know how we manufacture our products, please click on this #video

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