Our Oro Viejo wine is made with a selection of our best sweet wines so that after more than 5 years of aging in American oak barrels, it becomes an enological jewel and more prestigious of our winery. It has obtained numerous awards in international competitions, giving it that prestige and exclusivity that makes it exceptional.

More information at https://quitapenas.es/producto/malaga-oro-viejo/

Bodegas Quitapenas is currently one of the oldest wineries in Malaga, founded in 1880 and since then elaborating sweet wines, whites, reds, sangrías, vermouths, quality natural sparkling wines, sparkling wines. With all this, we offer to our customers, always very high quality, so that the satisfaction of our customers, is also ours. We have extensive experience exporting to foreign markets in Europe, America and Asia. Quality and good work is the sure success of our Quitapenas wines. Wines Sabor a Málaga. Cheers!

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