Combi oven Convotherm mini and high-speed oven Merrychef

  • Exhibitor: WELBILT
  • Brand name: Convotherm y Merrychef
The combination of our Merrychef eikon® e2s Trend Black high-speed cooking ovens and our Convotherm mini Black combi ovens is ideal for open kitchens, counters and any other show-cooking application. The two Welbilt appliances are not just the perfect visual fit with their matt black surface for front-cooking environments, their technological capabilities combines perfectly to satisfy any culinary need. The Convotherm mini black also features a clever interior design, with a large cooking chamber providing plenty of space for efficient cooking and baking, it can prepare large quantities of foods at the same time, in a mixed load, making the most of every baking, and with perfect results also at peak times. Merrychef e2s is a high-speed cooking oven that cooks, toasts, grills, bakes and regenerates a wide range of fresh or frozen foods, 20 times faster than conventional ovens. It offers the possibility to regenerate and finish in an easy and fast way meals previously prepared in Convotherm mini, maintaining food quality and providing crispy and delicious results, its high-speed feature permits to serve at the very moment, without waiting. Combi ovens Convotherm mini and Merrychef e2s high-speed ovens are the perfect combination for show-cooking.

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