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Cheeses from Switzerland presents the Emmentaler AOP URTYP® at the Salón de Goumets

Cheeses from Switzerland will present Emmentaler AOP URTYP® at the 33rd Salón de Gourmets edition, from April 8th to 11th at IFEMA: a historical version of the Swiss Emmentaler AOP with superior quality, which brings the Swiss tradition to Madrid. More than 700 years ago, a unique cheese was created in Switzerland that enjoyed a worldwide reputation, the Emmentaler AOP. Over time, the production process evolved, and with it, the taste of cheese. Until Theo, a young Swiss cheesemaker passionate about this Swiss variety, recovered the traditional recipe and produced a more ancient version of Emmentaler AOP with fresh raw milk of the day and ingredients such as ferments, salt and rennet. Subsequently, while the young cheese wheels matured for a minimum period of 12 months in a wet cellar, they were cleaned and kept in brine at short intervals. As a result, he obtained cheese wheels with an approximate diameter of 80-90 cm and a weight between 80 and 100 kg. These wheels had a hard, natural brown rind and, inside, a paste of light yellow and ivory tones, with regular holes. A cheese so close to its traditional ancestor, which fascinated the members of the Emmentaler AOP consortium, who were seduced by this version of one of the most famous cheeses in the world. Emmentaler AOP URTYP® is a cheese of great quality, body and aroma, with a pure and powerful flavor, but not harsh. A variety exclusively selected by professionals of authorized cheese factories of Emmentaler AOP and subjected to strict controls. Like the rest of the Swiss cheeses, Emmentaler AOP URTYP® is a healthy food, without additives, totally natural, suitable for gluten and lactose intolerant and GMO-free. The Swiss chalet will be located in Hall 4 of the Feria de Madrid (stand number 4G14). In it, an uninterrupted tasting will be offered, during the four days of the Salón de Gourmets, so that visitors can discover the qualities and characteristics of its main and unmistakable varieties: Appenzeller®, Le Gruyère AOP, Tête de Moine AOP, L 'Etivaz AOP, Sbrinz AOP, Emmentaler AOP, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP and, as a great novelty, Emmentaler AOP URTYP®.
Switzerland Cheese Marketing, SL Spain, headquartered in Bern, is responsible for the promotion of Swiss Cheese in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. There are 430 varieties of cheese in Switzerland: in Spain we find Appenzeller®, Emmentaler AOP, Le Gruyère AOP, L'Etivaz AOP, Sbrinz AOP, Tête de Moine AOP and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP. Swiss cheese does not use additives in its production, they are 100% natural, they are high in calcium and they are suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant.