Spheres of EVOO of the autochthonous Brava and Mansa Galician varieties

Spheres of EVOO of the native Brava and Mansa Galician varieties, from centuries-old olive trees grown in the south of the province of Lugo (Galicia) The oil of these varieties presents high phenolic contents as indicated by the PhD thesis by Patricia Reboredo (2015) entitled "Aromatic and phenolic characterization of olives and olive oils produced in Galicia", in which the high quality of the oils made with the Brava and Mansa varieties is confirmed.

Tasting: Medium-high green fruity oil. It presents aromas of olive leaf, almond, tomato and artichoke with intense notes of tomato and green olive. In the mouth it has bitter and spicy means.

Cento x Cento Figueiredo

Lugar Figueiredo s/n - 27318 Ribas Do Sil - Lugo

centoxcento@figueiredo.gal  -  653587810

Producers of Galicia exports is an association of 11 small Galician producers, united by the desire to publicize the wide range of its gourmet products nationally and internationally. In the Salon Gourmets Produtores de Galicia exporta will be represented by 3 of its associated companies:

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Aceites Figueiredo (Figueiredo), Extra virgin olive oil: Aove of galician varieties Brava and Mansa, Ecological Aove of Galician varieties Brava and Mansa, Spherifications Aove of Galician varieties Brava and Mansa 

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