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Padrón Paprika - galician paprika, made of Padrón peppers

Galician paprika, made of the famous Padrón peppers. Dried and lightly smoked in traditional dry-house with oak, bay and chestnut firewood for 21 days. Hand-milled and ground in a stone mill.

It is characterized by its excellent aroma of Padrón peppers and its pleasant itching, which surrounds the mouth. Presented in oval tinplate with window, containing a bag of 10g of paprika and dispenser. For presentation in stores there is a decorative sieve with 17 paprika cans.

The Padrón Paprika unfolds its taste best on emblematic galician or spanish dishes such as octopus or fabada. It is the perfect ingredient for sauces, pickles and stir-fry. Padrón Paprika, presented by O Submarino Alta Conserva SL, is the rebirth of a product and a forgotten practice, which has been lost with the passage of time.

Few know that the seeds of the Padrón peppers were brought from Mexico to Galicia at the end of the 16th century by the Franciscan missionaries of the convent of Herbón (village belonging to Padrón) to produce paprika. There is historical evidence of the eighteenth century of the commercialization of this paprika, constituting at this time an important source of income for the convent (General Archive of Simancas, Cadastro de la Ensenada, General Answers, Province of Santiago, Book 253, fol. )

Product launching: 20th of March 2019

Producer: O Submarino Alta Conserva, SL (Pontevedra, Spain)



Mobile: 0034 666868932


Producers of Galicia exports is an association of 11 small Galician producers, united by the desire to publicize the wide range of its gourmet products nationally and internationally. In the Salon Gourmets Produtores de Galicia exporta will be represented by 3 of its associated companies:

Bodega Roandi (O Barco de Valdeorras), Wines: Sparkling Godello D.O.P. Valdeorras, young red wines, young Godello, Barrica Bancales and Crianza Souson

Aceites Figueiredo (Figueiredo), Extra virgin olive oil: Aove of galician varieties Brava and Mansa, Ecological Aove of Galician varieties Brava and Mansa, Spherifications Aove of Galician varieties Brava and Mansa 

O Submarino Alta Conserva SL (Cambados), Canned seafood and Padrón paprika: Seafood pates, Oysters en marinade/ Albariño vinaigrette / sea water, mussels, Padrón pepper

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