Mussels in Padrón paprika marinade

Big mussels from the  bay of Arousa (Galicia) in marinade made with olive oil and Padrón paprika, a new galician paprika.

The marinade is clearly distinguished from other pickles by the exquisite taste and aroma that gives Padrón paprika.

It is the first product of a new product line elaborated with Padrón paprika  that O Submarino Alta Conserva will present in collaboration with other Galician producers during the year 2019. Padrón paprika, also a new product of O Submarino Alta Conserva SL, is made with the famous padrón peppers. Dried and lightly smoked in a traditional dry-house with oak, chestnut and laurel wood. The dried peppers are hand-stitched and ground in a stone mill.

The conserve is presented in RR 125 tin, with a drained weight of 73 g.

As a launch pack, the can of mussels is offered along with an envelope of padrón paprika in a fishing net bag, which allows the consumer to taste the mussels with the Padrón paprika  sprinkled. The packaging is a bag of recycled fishing net  and sewn by hand by the net flickers of the fishing town Cambados, a handmade and reusable accessory that gives an added value to this pack of Galician products.

Producer: O Submarino Alta Conserva, SL

Product release date: March 20, 2019



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