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 DOMUS was born fron the ilusión of new facilities, a new house (Domus in Latin). It is the first Ciranza wine of the winery it made with our best grapes of SOUSón, ABARELLO and MENCIA, from our older vineyards, in a slate soil, por in organic mattet, with anaverage altitude of 600m. The vintage was carried out at low temperaures, with selection in vineyard and in winery. For the elaboration it is begun by maceraration prefermentative in cold after the crushing and destemming of the grapes.

Note Tasting: intense purple colorwith violet bordes anda médium laver. Bright, clean tone. Nose complex, vers varietal. Medium intensity  Vanilla anda toasted aromas, as BODEGA ROANDI S.L.C/ O Lagar - Éntoma - 32336 - O Barco de Valdeorras - Ourense – España Teléfono: 988 335 198 /638889437 E-mail:  RoandiBodega - as ripe red fruits anda floral contributions Exotic notes provided by breeding in noble Woods. In the mouth is very balanced, round, silky, prevailing fruit.

Silver Medal Competition TOPWINE 2017

90 Point Guia Peñin 2015,2016 and 2017

Second Prize XVII tasting-Competion Red Wine

Silver Meal and Gold Medal in the wine Guide, Distillate and Galicia´s Winery 2016 and 2017 

Honorable Mention Wine Fair Valdeorras 2015


C/ O Lagar - Éntoma - 32336 - O Barco de Valdeorras - Ourense – España

Teléfono: 988 335 198 /638889437


 RoandiBodega -


Producers of Galicia exports is an association of 11 small Galician producers, united by the desire to publicize the wide range of its gourmet products nationally and internationally. In the Salon Gourmets Produtores de Galicia exporta will be represented by 3 of its associated companies:

Bodega Roandi (O Barco de Valdeorras), Wines: Sparkling Godello D.O.P. Valdeorras, young red wines, young Godello, Barrica Bancales and Crianza Souson

Aceites Figueiredo (Figueiredo), Extra virgin olive oil: Aove of galician varieties Brava and Mansa, Ecological Aove of Galician varieties Brava and Mansa, Spherifications Aove of Galician varieties Brava and Mansa 

O Submarino Alta Conserva SL (Cambados), Canned seafood and Padrón paprika: Seafood pates, Oysters en marinade/ Albariño vinaigrette / sea water, mussels, Padrón pepper

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