The traditional art of distillation has been passed down for decades in our family since 1877 Mr. Jose Ozores an alchemist distilled and produced the original liquor Cilantro. The tradition continues to this day in the modern distillery where the aguardientes and liquors are recognized as the finest and award winning in Galicia. We achieve the highest quality product bases on sourcing the best raw materials. The Orujo of Albariño comes from our 35 hectares of vineyards in the Baixo Miño (Lowe Miño Area). The high quality of which is reflected also in our choice of herbs, fruits and coffee.   Orujo or White Galician Aguardiente, Herbs Liquor and Coffee Liquor Fonte do Frade are protected under Geographical Indication and this granted by the Regulatory Council of Traditional Aguardientes and Liquors from Galicia. This therefore maintain s and maximizes their distintive high quality.    

GALICIAN AGUARDIENTE *  Bright and clear with silver tones. Made from a selection of the very best marcs Distilled from the Albariño it has great intensity with aromas and hints of nuts, roses and is slightly sweet.  

GALICIAN HERBAL LIQUOR With a cristal bright ripe lemon color. The base of this aguardiente is again the fine marcs produced from the Albariño. Prepared by cold maceration and triple distillation with the addition of our selection of botanicals.   GALICIAN COFFEE LIQUOR With an attractive, brilliant chestnut colour. This liquor is prepared by cold maceration using natural coffee from Cerrado in Brazil.

TOASTED LIQUOR A liquor made with a macerated base of Orujo with caramel sugar brandly and pure spring wáter from the Argallo Hills for great homogenization. It is smooth and quite dry.   CHOCOLATE CREAM LIQUOR WITH CHERRIES Made from the Albariño grape marc. A milk based liquor with notes of toffee, chocolate, cherries and coffee. Rich and unctuous.                                                                                                                                               *Triple Distilled   A traditional region lying between the rivers Mino and Tamuxe, sheltered from Northern winds by the Argallo mountains is the valley of O Rosal. Its mild microclimate gives it a privileged enclave ideally suited to agriculture, and in particular viticulture and the cultivation of fruit trees. In mid autumn when the grape must is resting in the barrels and the wine harvest is completed, when the night is longer than the day . On the roads of the Galician parishes came the aguardenteros with their colourful copper stills. Converting the  inert must from the grape, into ungovernable fluids to  warm up  the morning cold of winter. Today the system is modern and modified , however this is still the land of O Rosal, the loins of the Mino where the cycle is repeated using the same trusted recipes and techniques. ANOTHER PRODUCTS:  GIN, PACHARÁN AND bio Gin and VODKA.


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