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Everything started first in 1985 when the South-West of France native jam maker Francis Miot, introduced his first handmade jams by establishing the company that today bears his name.

Nowadays, the Maison Francis Miot creates and provides jams, but also confectioneries and handmade fine chocolates, manufactured with care and passion by a team of 35 gourmets! To him, it is not only about preserving the fruit with sugar anymore, but to sublimate the fruits when cooking it. From a simple jam can, he made of traditional jam a real gourmet product, worthy of French gastronomy.  

With a team of 35 passionate, 10 of which are in charge of jams, the Maison Francis Miot is currently renowned worldwide and undertakes to take French fine food to the highest level.

World top Chefs, master pastry Chefs and master chocolatiers join to our Maison to develop new recipes in order to blend oriental or Asian culinary influences and French tradition.   His love for his home country of Béarn and of Basque country supported his job creation. He particularly got his inspiration from the sulfurous history of King Henri IV to create the famous French Lovers, which have become Pau’s specialty.  


Francis Miot :

1987: Best French Jam maker

1988-1990-1991: Handmade jams World Champion (Out of competition class)

2010: Sèvres vase from the French President French jam Masters’ President Seat Nr.18/40 at the French Chocolate and Confectionery Academy Member of the French culinary Academy  


Some of the prize of teams working for the Maison Francis Miot:

1st Prize for « Best French Speciality » in 1999

Prize of the Best French Candy for the French Lover in 2000

Prize of the Best French Chocolate for the Galipettes in 2004

Prize of Research and Development for the Talizmcao in 2004

Gold Medal at the General Agricultural Competition for the Apricot jam in 2013

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