Sánchez Fernández de Rute SL

Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas (Andalusia SPAIN)

A careful selection of olives 2018-2019, in which the hojiblanca variety predominates, early harvesting at the optimum moment of maturation, before veraison (between green and purple) and under the most demanding production system, resulting in an extra green virgin intense ecologicalWe will have the pleasure of offering tasting of the four types of quality for this year 2019:

  • LivesOlives - BioBlue - Fruity Green - 500ml
  • LivesOlives - The Duchess of  Benamejí - Aromatizado Lime - 250 ml
  • LivesOlives - The Duchess of Benamejí - Flavored Grapefruit - 250 ml
  • LivesOlives - Valdearenas - Frutado Maduro - 500ml



Pabellón: 10 Stand: 10G20-1

País: España - Andalucía

Productos: 5 - Actividades: 1


#LIVESOLIVES, a family olive grove

LivesOlives  everyone, is an ealy harvest, artisanal and organic oil produced in a traditional system, committed to biodiversity, dry-farming olive grove located next to the Subbeatic System´s Natural Park, in the Córdoba region of Rute. Made exclusively from Hojiblanca olives grown on their property and picked straight from the tree using hand-held shakers when the day´s temperatures grow milder, time is a key element throughout the process.  Thus, after choosing the healthiest olives and proceeding to transport them in aerated crates of less than a meter ( 3 ft. ) in height, the grinding is carried out the early  morning within two hours of being harvested and always by col extraction at temperatures below 20ºC (68º F) with very short periods in the beater. To ensure an excellent end result, each batch must be tasted, selecting and classifying the best in order to store them in stainless steel thanks for preservation, to then be packaged at the family oil-mill.

For eight years, their Apadrina Un Olivo ( Adopt-an-olive-tree ) initiative that supports sustainable agriculture, solidary and healthy, allows consumers to share the experience of being farmers for period of choosing, delivering the premium organic olive oil from their adopted olive tree directly from the olive grove to their homes. Furthermore, they will receive a sponsorship certificate with the picture of the tree and its geolocation. Then sponsor also receives detailed information about all the activity and care provided for their olive tree: plowed land, pruning, early harvesting at the precise time, etc.

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