The Ages of Meat. Three races, three different maturations.

Schedule: Wednesday - 16:00 a 18:00

Stand number: 10J60

Hall: 10

Aurelian Catalin Lupo, alias Cata and Chef at Taberna Elía, will be the main guest and speaker accompanied by:

  • Andrés Sánchez Magro, food critic.
  • Luis Cepeda, gastronomic journalist.
  • Patxi Larrañaga, master butcher.
  • Juan Valdes, La Castillería.


The different breeds, ages and ageing of the meat will be discussed.

The aim is to start a debate about the common criteria between the feeding system of beef cattle, the production of veal meat and the natural breeding and fattening of animals, which is reflected more and more in the quality of meat.

During the presentation, there will be a tasting for the public of the different types of meat hosted by Grupo Norteños Central de Carnes.

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