1st National Cisoria Art Championship Norteños/Gourmets Group

  • Exhibitor: Grupo Gourmets
  • Date: Monday, April 08, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 13:00 PM
  • Pab: 10
  • Location: Aula Gourmets - 10J60

Schedule: L - 11:00 a 14:00

Stand number: 10J60

Hall: 10

Competition Rules

It has been the first time that a championship in the art of carving has been held at the Salón Gourmets. Winners have been:

First place: José Luque, Hotel Palace.

Second place: Ignacio García Camelada.

Third place: José Luis Sánchez, from La Senda de Omaña Restaurant.

The contest has been divided in two phases. In the first phase, the expert contestants have cut out a beef tenderloin provided by Grupo Norteños. The jury has scored the cutting technique, skill, dexterity and speed of the work. In the second round, the contestants have prepared a steak tartar where originality, flavor and presentation have been the most valued aspects.

A correct cut of beef is an art only available to a select few. It requires knowledge of anatomy and gastronomy that exploits the full potential of the cuts.

    The members of the jury were:

    • Andrés Sánchez Magro, commentator and food critic.
    • Jose Gordon, El Capricho Restaurant, León.
    • Pedro Larumbe, Restaurante Pedro Larumbe Restaurant.
    • Astrid Sveinsdottir Matute, Owner Import Export of meat
    • Mario López, Manager of Fagor.