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Piquillo sauce with olive oil

  • Exhibitor: CONSERVAS J. VELA
  • Brand name: Salsa de piquillo J. Vela
  • Sector: OTRAS SALSAS
  • New
PIQUILLO  SAUCE; paste of piquillo pepper, roasted with wood. With salt, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Ideal to accompany stews, sauces for pasta, cod, omelettes, chips  ..

120 years Conservas J. Vela preserving the best of Navarra, in 1.892 Ramón Vela started preserving piquillo peppers. Today, several generations later, the family character with which the company was born is still maintained, although the range of manufacturing products has been extended to piquillo peppers and pico, najerano peppers, alegrias riojanas, asparagus, artichoke, stew, Borage, thistle and leek. The origin and control of the raw material, from  Navarra, the artisanal elaboration, the traditional roasted in a wood oven in the whole production of the pepper, our products have a special flavor and aroma.  The hand peeling of peppers and artichokes,  the packaging without preservatives or colorants of the product recently harvested by the farmer. Besides the tradicion Conservas J. Vela has added an ISO 9001-2008 quality management system with the intention of reinforcing the satisfaction and safety of its customers. All the products that we commercialize are produced in our Mendavia factory. We then limited ourselves to the traditional products of the area.

In 2.018 Incorporation of new products. Following our philosophy and commitment to quality through the excellent raw material Navarra we present a new line of products composed of sauces, mousses, and jams made with piquillo peppers and alegrías riojanas. Keeping our identity as artisanal and roasting in a oven wood, you can now enjoy the ideal complement for any dish. You will find the flavor and quality of always in the new products.

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