Bombones artesanos pintados a mano

  • Exhibitor: BELENGUER 1918
  • Brand name: Serie ART Bombones Belenguer
  • Sector: BOMBONERÍA


Box of 12 Liqueur Bombons, Ging tonic, Cappuccino with Ron, Mojito, Marc de Cava, Violet with Armagnac and Griotines al Kirsch.



Pastelería Belenguer was founded on September 13, 1918 by Mr. Sebastián Belenguer Sanz as a family business, with a long history, since this year we celebrated our 100th anniversary. Three generations of artisan confectioners who have inherited a passion for pastry and chocolate.  We are proud to be faithful to the craft tradition, but incorporating new products to satisfy our customers, offering quality products. Within our catalog, we want to highlight our handmade hand-made chocolates to create a unique experience of textures and flavors, thus uniting art and chocolate.